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 Nameless, or “Monski” whose real name is David Kamoni Mathenge is a popular Kenyan Musician. He is married to fellow musician Wahu Kagwi. They have two daughters, Tumiso and Nyakio. Signed to the Ogopa DJ’s record label. He came to fame in 1999 through a star search contest on Kenya’s urban music station 98.4 Capital FM, which he won with his original song “Megarider.”



Mathenge was educated at Strathmore School He rose to fame in 1999 through a star-search contest on Kenya’s urban music station 98.4 Capital FM, which he won with his original song “Megarider.” The song was about a penniless young man who is trying to seduce a woman but only has enough money for Kenya Bus tickets, and not the rich lifestyle she desires. He later recorded the track with producer Tedd Josiah and it went on to be hot on the charts for weeks. This was the turning point in his musical career. He went on to sign with the Ogopa Deejays label in 2001 and collaborated with artists such as the late E-Sir on “Boomba Train,” and Amani on the regional hit “Ninanoki” in 2002 which broke Kenyan chart records by remaining nearly four months at number one.

Nameless Talks About His Background And Family in an interview below:

Nameless, who is surprisingly the last born of five, grew up in Ngong’ as a very playful child. It is in this playful nature that he got the scar on his forehead.

He says that he got the scar while emulating James Bond by tying a rope on two ends and trying to swing from one end to the other, when it accidentally broke and a metallic object fell on him.
“Even though I played a lot, my parents raised me as a disciplined child.”
Nameless went to Nairobi Primary School progressing to Strathmore Secondary School before joining the University of Nairobi for his undergraduate degree in architecture.

During his campus studies, he started exploring the music world.
It took a while for his fans to learn his actual name, David Mathenge.
The Kenyan pop artist was known for a very long time as Nameless but he did not arrive to this name easily.
He had come up with several nicknames.
“I came up with ‘Slimy Talls’ and ‘The Mechanic’, which had me performing in overalls.”



He is regarded as one of modern music pioneers in Kenya alongside his wife Wahu kagwi.
He has gone on to tour across the East African region and in the U.S.A and U.K. In 2004, he released his debut album On Fire. In 2004, Mathenge married Ogopa Deejays label mate Wahu Kagwi. They have two daughters, Tumiso who was born in 2006, and Nyakio born in 2013. He is also an architect and graduated from the University of Nairobi.

South African pop group Jamali’s wildly popular song “Maisha” was the subject of so much controversy with allegations that Jamali had stolen the song from Nameless. The dispute was settled when Jamali released their CD/DVD of Yours Fatally and credited Nameless as one of the writers of “Maisha”.

Nameless has been featured in a song with the Kansoul, ” moto wa kuotea mbali” which has received favourable reviews.
In August 2007, he appeared on the list of 100 most influential Kenyans as selected by The Standard newspaper.


Nameless has juggled his two careers from his university days and although they seem very dissimilar, Nameless says that the two are almost synonymous.
“Surprisingly, they are not as apart as people think, they are very similar because they are both creative arts. One you are ‘creating buildings’ and the other you are ‘creating music’, so the principles are the same.”
According to Nameless, the two careers reinforce each other and as he continued to polish his music, he also polished his architecture.
It took a lot of discipline, a quality I have cultivated throughout the years up to now.”
He practices architecture partnering with other main industry players.
One thing that has helped Nameless in his music career, his ‘business’ as he calls it, is his background in campus life.
“Music is a business and has to be treated as such. You can live fully on it, I have done that, it is possible if you take it seriously, and you have the talent, the passion and good business organization.”
However, Nameless emphasizes on the importance of having that backbone of education.
Over 15 years in the music industry, his secret is having strategies, a good team behind him and having good relationships with people in the industry.
“I pace myself, I don’t want to burn out, and I tell myself this is a marathon not a sprint. Keep giving your fans music in different ways.”
“Reinventing yourself is also important, which is a challenge but learning to blend remaining young and fresh but also growing.”
This is how the Ugandan song Butterfly, came about.
After several years of growth, it was time for Nameless to release a creative song in Luganda, which was always one of his dreams, and also thank his Ugandan fans for supporting his music throughout the years.
The song is about a man who is struggling to learn her language to be able to tell her how he feels about her.

Nameless Wife Wahu And Kids

In 2004, Mathenge married Ogopa DJ’s label mate Wahu Kagwe. They have  two children.
Despite occasional marital problems, Nameless says Wahu is the best thing that has ever happened to him. Given the chance to go back in time, Nameless says he would marry her gain.
“I am blessed!” He said excitedly, adding: “When I met Wahu, she was my first love – and the minute I saw her, I was sure I wanted her for a wife.”
Nameless admits to watching Wahu silently and appreciating her for all the things she does a wife and mother.
Tumiso, just like her mum, contributes to her father’s music career with her opinions on how he has written a particular song.
“Tumiso says she wants a swimming pool in the house and I always tell her that if she wants one, she has to write songs and sell them, so she contributes ideas.”
“I feel good when she contributes because she is exercising her creativity but she is also concerned with understanding about intellectual property and contributing to it,” he added.
“Am very blessed to share with my children and see them grow.”

Nameless Wife Wahu Talks About Him And Family Below;

Singer/song writer Wahu Kagwi Mathenge, commonly known as Wahu has established herself as a versatile singer, a wife and a mother. In spite of all these roles, she still manages to remain relevant to her fans, she opened up to Chillax .
How do you manage to handle all these roles?
There is absolutely no secret. I just plan. I take things one day at a time and do not let stuff that happens affect me. If I do something and it doesn’t go my way, then I am okay with it.
One of the lessons I have learnt is that when you take issues too seriously, they affect your ability to enjoy life and in the end you will not be a good friend or wife.
When I had my second born daughter, Nyakio, I took a break to take care of her.
Has there been a time when you felt that you couldn’t take the heat any more?
Yes, in 2006. I do not like attention. I am freer when I have a one-on-one interview than when being bombarded by media. I thought of quitting music after giving birth to my first born, Tumiso and the media were all over my case.
I did not have a moment of privacy with my family and were it not that Nameless (her husband, who is also a singer) told me that even if I quit people would not stop wanting to know what goes on in my life, I might have stopped singing.
I saw the truth in this plus I told God to see me through with this passion (singing) that he had bestowed upon me.
There were rumours that your marriage was on the rocks and the paternity of your second child was in question.
Yes, there was a time that my marriage was in trouble. We are a normal couple and we go through issues just like any other couple, but get me right, those were just misunderstandings and nothing like a divorce was in the offing.
We disagreed on various issues but we ironed them out. Although we were angry at each other during that time, we still talked unlike other couples who don’t speak to each other in weeks or even months despite living together.
Thank God, that is all behind us now. We are stronger than ever and please, the father of my children is and will always be, Nameless.
Rumour has it that you and Nameless got married because corporates love the image of the two of you together?
If that were the truth, I would be very unhappy. Monski (Nameless’ nickname) is not only my husband, he is my best friend and business partner.
If corporates love us or hate us, that is their problem and not ours and this is where I draw the line. If it is anything to do with my career, the world can comment or criticise because I do it for the people, but when it comes to my family and issues that happen in my house, those are mine.
Has motherhood affected how you do your music?
I am very careful about what I write in a song and how I do a video because I know Tumiso, who will be turning eight this year, watches me and gets more inquisitive by the day.
When we were young, we looked up to our mothers and our children look up to us. I watch my language  because I don’t want her to start doing stuff in the name of ‘mummy is also doing it’. We also try hard to make her understand that when she sees mum or dad in a video, they are just acting.
What are you working on now?
Like I said earlier, I had taken a break to look after Nyakio. Now I’m officially back in the studio and might release something mid this year. I also plan to establish myself in the hair and beauty industry.
What advice do you have for Tumiso and Nyakio?
Be your own woman, don’t let society define you; let your dreams define you.

Nameless Songs

  • Butterfly
  • Deadly
  • Coming Home
  • African Beauty
  • Letigo
  • Nasinzia Nikikuwaza
  • Ng’ang’ana
  • Maisha
  • Salary
  • Magarider
  • Ninanoki
  • Moto wa Kuotea Mbali

 Awards Won

  • 2004 Kisima Music Awards – Best Boomba Pop Artist
  • 2006 Kisima Music Awards – Best Male Artist, Best Afro Fusion & Best Music Video (Sinzia).
  • 2006 Pearl of Africa Music Awards (PAM Awards) – Best Male (Kenya)
  • 2007 Tanzania Music Awards – Best East African Single (Sinzia).
  • 2007 Channel O Music Video Awards – Best Male Video (“Sinzia”) 
  • 2008 Pearl of Africa Music Awards – Best Kenyan Male Artist 
  • 2008 Kisima Music Awards – Male Artist of the Year & Best Video (“Salari”)
  • 2009 Tanzania Music Awards – Best East African Single (“Salari”) 
  • 2009 MTV Africa Music Awards – Artist of The Year, Best Male & Listener’s Choice 

 Nameless Cars, Net Worth And more…

The star musician is believed to be one of the most popular and richest in Kenya. But recent reports has it he may be really broke at the moment

Watch Nameless most recent music video below;