The Most Beautiful Tourist Attractions In Rwanda To Visit 2024 (pics/video)


Tina Magazine will today be sharing with you one of the best beauties of Africa at the moment. Yes! Rwanda.
Well, if you are not east African then you should know Rwanda is one of East Africa’s most impressive countries. With verdant green hills, some of the region’s best coffee and tea, spectacular scenery, and fascinating wildlife, Rwanda has a lot to offer the adventurous traveller. Read on to check out 14 of the best life-changing experiences you can only have in Rwanda.

Rwanda, the undulating and luscious “land of a thousand hills”, and a country which exhibits hope and renewal following its turbulent past. Now two decades after the genocide, Rwanda has become Africa‘s comeback kid, with efforts to clean the streets, embrace peace and encourage prosperity being extremely successful, and elevating the land back to its rightful place of revered natural beauty. Scenery seekers will not be disappointed here, with breathtaking vistas, wondrous wildlife and verdant greenery stunning at every turn.

The country is extremely small and there is one thing that everyone knows you can do in Rwanda, gorilla trekking. I would implore you to get to know the people of the nation as they have been through very tumultuous times and have risen above that to create a very unique place in Africa.
Below you will find seven beautiful places in Rwanda

Top 7 Tourist Destinations You Should Visit In Rwanda

1. KIGALI - The Capital Of Rwanda

kigali rwanda tourism
An amazing city in the heart of Rwanda, Kigali is a gorgeous city with great weather. You can get a taste of history here by visiting the genocide memorials and learn about the turbulent past of the country. While I lived in Kenya & Ethiopia while I was living overseas in Africa, after visiting Rwanda you could definitely settle down here.

The United Nations (UN) has named the capital city of Rwanda, Kigali as the most beautiful city in Africa. This announcement has caused an uproar online. Many Africans do not agree with the United Nations. They have come out in defense of their cities as the most beautiful in Africa.


The Congo-Nile Trail Rwanda

One of the most impressive ways to experience Rwanda is through hiking. The Congo-Nile Trail is a famous passage that winds alongside the country’s most famous stretch of crystal water, Lake Kivu, and offers participants dramatic vistas, thick vegetation and of course, the rolling hills from which Rwanda earns its affectionate nickname. The power of uninhabited nature here is spectacular, especially in the shadow of the majestic mountains passed along the way. There are plenty of reputable retailers offering hiking packages, including the renowned Rwanda Gorilla Tours.

3. AKAGERA National Park

The Savannas of Akagera National Park rwanda
Replicating scenes like those seen in The Lion King, the breathtaking Akagera National Park is home to some of the most impressive animals on the planet, including elephants, zebras, buffalos, baboons, leopards and hyenas, creatures who have found a home here amongst the stunning savannas, dramatic mountains, green grasslands and tree-fringed lakes. There are plans to reintroduce lions and black rhinos here now that poaching laws have been significantly strengthened, and with over 1200 kilometers to explore, visitors here can lose themselves for days in the awe-inspiring natural beauty.


Image result for lake kivu

Part of the Great Rift Valley, Lake Kivu is the border between Rwanda & DR Congo. A great relaxing region where tourists are safe to visit and swim (ask locals where) and its also extremely picturesque. Make sure that you try to visit cities like Kibuye and Gisenye near the DR Congo border.

Lake Kivu is known to be one of the world’s only three known “exploding lakes.” That is to say, this stretch of water has, on occasion, been known to experience limnic eruptions, which are rare natural disasters involving carbon dioxide erupting from the deep lake water. Although tragically these explosions historically suffocate any living thing nearby, no eruption has been recorded in recent history, and visitors are more likely to experience a smelly warm vapor of combusting methane rather than anything deadly. The lake is one of the 20 largest lakes in the world, and the plush shores and picturesque, tropical vegetation elevate it as one of the most beautiful sites in Rwanda.

5. Tea Plantations and the Pfunda Tea Factory

Pfunda Tea Factory

Visiting a tea plantation may not be the most obvious of things to do in Rwanda, but in the province of Gisenyi, one of the best activities to partake in is just this. During the rainy season Pfunda plantation‘s tea production is in full swing, and a tour of the premises allows visitors to amble amongst the surrounding crop fields and soak in some knowledge on the art of tea making, from picking and drying, to cutting and shipping. Pfunda is one of the most sustainable tea companies in the region, employing local community members to ensure that the region feels the direct benefits of the business.


Mount Bisoke rwanda tourism

Mount Bisoke is an active volcano in the Virunga Mountains of the Albertine Rift, the western branch of the East African Rift. It straddles the border of Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, but the summit is located in Rwanda.

Situated in one of the country’s more scenic areas, Mount Bisoke, an active volcano on the border with The Democratic Republic of Congo, is a must-see for anyone looking to explore the beauty of Rwanda’s provincial areas. A return trek up to Bisoke will take you about six or seven hours, and the pilgrimage is well worth it, even if it is a little steep at times. The ascent involves traversing up the southwestern flank of the volcano to the summit where splendid vistas of the crater lake can be enjoyed, and during the descent visitors can follow a track where wonderful views of the Parc National des Virungas can be seen.

7. Gorilla Parks In Rwandagorillas in rwanda park
Ever since the 1988 Hollywood hit Gorillas in the Mist, primates in all their enthralling, furry glory have been one of the biggest draws for Rwandan travellers.
The mountain gorillas of East Africa were made famous by Dian Fossey who was killed here about 30 years ago, and they continue to thrive
The national parks housing gorillas here have significantly improved in recent times, now including more efficient road systems, an increased number of rangers and improved methods of wildlife conservation. Of the 880 gorillas thought to be left in the wild, an estimated 300 reside in Volcans National Park in the Virunga Mountains, a stunning stretch of green oozing with dramatic scenery and lush, verdant vegetation. Visitors will need to purchase a permit to gain entrance into the park, and although this sometimes can be quite expensive, it proves well worth it once you’re witnessing giant gorillas living in their natural terrain.

Watch a 2018 video displaying Rwanda below.

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