Michael Masutha Biography

South African politician Michael Masutha was born in Valdezia in 1965. For five years, he was the minister of justice and correctional services. He has had Adv. from 1999. Masutha has held parliamentary office.

He is also an advocate for disabled persons and has belonged to a number of illustrious organizations.


When Michael graduated in 1984, he was a student at the Siloe School for the Blind. He uses large print and Braille to read because he was born blind.


On November 18, 1965, in Valdezia, South Africa, he was born. He will be 55 years old in 2024.

Net Worth

As a politician, he has amassed an estimated $1 million in net worth.

Political Career

He participated in the movements for disabled students while he was a student, fighting for the provision of necessary support and protesting the way the apartheid system treated the blind and other disabled people.

He participated in the formation of the Northern Transvaal Society for the Blind in 1986. He served on the National Council for the Blind’s Executive Committee from 1989 to 1996, where he promoted the repeal of laws that discriminate against the blind, particularly those that pertain to protective employment. He was a founding member of the Southern African Federation’s Equileg Program. He joined the African National Congress as a member of parliament in the year 1999.