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Born in Soweto, Johannesburg, on October 13, 1976, Ntokozo Mdluli is a South African hip hop artist, rapper, songwriter, and businessman. a former member of the hip hop group Teargas, who released its first album, K’shubile K’bovu, in 2006 and went on to release Wafa Wafa, Dark or Blue, Num8er Num8, and Num8er between 2009 and 2012, respectively. Under the auspices of Sony Music Entertainment Africa, he first published his debut album in 2014 with Skhanda Republic, and then Skhanda Republic 2 in 2017.

He finished his studies at the Vaal University of Technology and received a National Certificate in Public Relations (PR) Management. He initially had trouble finding work; according to a Sowetan article, he was jobless for two years before his mother sent his resume to the South African Police Service. However, he never followed up on the offer. “I was attempting to build demos with money from my parents, and they supported my desire, but eventually I gave up. I didn’t go to the interview despite my mum sending the SAPS my resume. Even though I was having trouble the day of the interview, I was unable to continue. With the goal of becoming a musician, he continued to work in the area of his studies.


He enrolled in the Vaal University of Technology after graduating high school to pursue a National Diploma in Public Relations Management. He first met Ezee “Ma-E” Hanabe and Bantu “Ntukza” Hanabe, his future bandmates, at Vaal. He was jobless for two years after graduating before his mother sent his resume to the South African Police Service, but he chose not to go for the interview. Instead, he decided to pursue his musical aspirations while working in public relations. His parents paid for his demonstrations because they were highly supportive of his aspirations.


Ntokozo joined forces with Ma-E and Ntukza, two people he had met at school, to create the band Teargas in 2005. The trio decided to collaborate since they were in tune with one another and knew each other’s musical preferences. K’shubile K’bovu, the first album by Teargas, contained fifteen tracks, and it became popular right once. Two years later, Teargas bestowed upon us another album with sixteen tracks, Wafa Wafa, and the following year, Black or Blue, a thirteen-track album. The group issued their fourth studio album, Number Number, in 2012.

The business Cashtime Life was founded in 2013 by K.O, Ma-E, and marketing manager Thabiso Khati. K.O, incidentally, was the label’s first artist signing. K.O Mission Statement, the lead track from his debut album, came out shortly after. The song was a huge hit in South Africa, as expected. Shkanda Republic, the first K.O solo album with 11 tracks, was released in November 2014. Along with Okmalumkoolkat, Ntokozo released the eagerly awaited track Don Dada in 2016. The SKR2 album by K.O was released in 2017. You may have noticed that since Cashtime’s debut, Teargas has not been shown very much. As a result, the rapper claims, the trio has taken a break from one another.


K.O was born on 13th of October in 1989. He is 33-years-old.

Net Worth


K.O once dated fashionista Sarah Langa; their relationship began in 2010. Before they appeared together at the SA Music Awards, the two had long denied their relationship. Although K.O did not enjoy discussing his personal life, he did affirm that he and Sarah were a couple when asked.

Unfortunately, the relationship did not last, and Sarah revealed that they were no longer together in September 2015. The cause of their breakup was not made public, though. Sarah married six months after they broke up.

Net Worth

One of the richest rappers from South Africa is K.O. With an estimated net worth of $4.8 million, he ranks as the eighth-richest rapper in South Africa on our list of the richest rappers.


K.O ft Young Stunna, Blxckie – SETE