DJ Christos Biography

Known DJ and house producer from South Africa, DJ Christos was born Christos Katsaitis. His distinctiveness has earned him the title “The God Father of House” among many music lovers and admirers. He boasts of releasing some of the most innovative musicians in South Africa through his Katsaitis Music label and is one of the founders of the Kalawa label.


At South Africa’s Pretoria, DJ Christos finished both his primary and secondary studies.

Net Worth

DJ Christos, a gifted record producer from South Africa, is worth between $500,000 and $5,000,000.


He and Tebogo, his wife, co-own Shaguma Café Restaurant, a family restaurant in Midrand. Taki, CJ, and Michail are three of his children.

Record Label

He shares the Kalawa mark’s charitable status and goes by the stage name Katsaitis Music. He has released some of the most renowned professionals in South Africa under these identities, including Boom Shaka, Lebo Mathosa, Shana, Daw, and Black Coffee.


Christos Katsaitis (Born July 1, 1969)