Best South African rappers

Want to know who is the best rapper in South Africa right now?

We have come up with a list of best South African Rappers of 2018. The ranking below is judged based on thea SA rappers that have dropped the most successful hip-hop songs in the last 12 months. Below there is a poll attached to this post so you will also get to vote which South African hip hop act on this list have performed the best this year.

Top 10 Best Rappers In South Africa 2018

Below is a list of the best South African rappers of the last 12 months:

10. Moozlie

Top south african rappers

She is known by many who are real fans of SA hip hop music, looking at how hardworking she’s been these past months, from amazing singles like Swipe and collabos she’s done Moozlie has earned herself a place on this list of best South African Rappers 2018

9. Priddy Ugly

He released some amazing singles of his new 2018 album titled Egypt deluxe, and the songs on his album have got some great reviews from listeners across the country.

8. KID X

Best South African rappers

If you are really informed you must have noticed the man has released a lot brilliant projects this year. He’s also been involved in some good collabos this year too

7. Nadia Nakai

South Africa's best rappers

She came into spotlight in 2017 and has done big things. Her works have shown she is hardworking and ready to do more. She has released a couple works this year and has done several brilliant collabos. She has earned her self a spot here.

6. K.O

SA best rapper

This man also dropped some amazing . Rapper KO was versatile on his 2 track EP he made with AKA and Cassper Nyovest, Fire Emoji is one song that is really loved by many this year.

5. A Reece

Best SA rapper

He dropped an unexpected EP with several great songs on his birthday this year. All of them can be found on his YouTube channel. We’ve ranked him the 5th best SA rapper of 2018

4. Shane Eagle

Best rappers in south africa 2018

He dropped a brilliant body of work 11 months ago, one that put him on another level. Shane Eagle has since then been shining in the SA hip hop scene, fast forward to 2018 after he released another single titled Gustavo. He’s been ranked 4th on the list.

3. AKA

Top South African rappers

AKA, is a South African hip hop artist, record producer, father and businessman. He did great last year and he has also had quite an amazing 2018 after the release of his new album titled Touch My Blood.

2. Cassper Nyovest

Top ten best South African rappers

Casper has done nothing but wow us this year, with kinds of hits and collabos he’s been making, Kszobalit probably one of the best African hip hop songs of 2018 he has done well in the hip hop scene in the last 12 months. Definitely the second best rapper in SA this year he was also ranked 2nd on the top 10 best rappers in Africa 2018 by us.

1. Nasty C

Nasty c best rapper in south africa 2018

He was recently ranked the best rapper in Africa 2018 by TINA Magazine

Nasty C has got a lot of hit songs and singles in recent months.

His performance in the past 12 months has got him a lot of love and many international approvals. With hit singles like ‘Said’ and hits songs on his 2018 album, Nasty is the best rapper in South Africa 2018

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