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RockTime Media Floats AfroHits Magazine For Africans & Diaspora

South African & Nigerian internet tech hub RockTime Media the founders and owner of TINA Magazine & TIN Magazine decides to add another important African niche website on to their list of web portals for Africans. This one is specifically another digital magazine but specifically for African music, this new media startup is named “AfroHits Magazine” with the url (https://afrohits.net).

The platform is said to have been invented to properly document the best of African music in the urban world as the growth of music commercially on the continent is getting wild every year, the most popular sector of the African music industry ‘Afrobeats’ is said to be worth over $500 million dollars as of 2020. “Afrobeats is obviously the sound of the future and it is the next inline after Kpop because the audience keeps growing wildly in Europe, Asia and the Americas” says Evelyn Rethabile one of the owners of RockTime Media.

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This website according to RockTime Media is supposed to be the first of its kind in Africa, with a purpose to literally make African music more discoverable, according to the data gathered by the founders it was revealed 70% of Afrobeats consumers abroad are really interested in finding more songs that would suit their taste but they find it difficult since there is no order or proper arrangements of theses songs by genres and countries on the internet. AfroHits Magazine target is to properly curate and review hundreds of new African music releases weekly and then recommend it to their audience based on what they want and like.

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RockTime CEO also mentioned they are about to finish their mobile app for AfroHits Magazine an app that would serve a greater purpose for African music consumers locally and abroad so they could discover music they want to hear easily. The major music industries that would be covered will include Nigeria & South African Music industry, West African music and East African music in general and every other country on the African continent with a proper and thriving music industry.

The website is officially set to launch on the 1st of June 2020, after several beta testing and receiving great reviews from African music consumers.

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