Weezdom has come out to reluctantly share why he left Bahati’s record label EMB.

Speaking to Mzazi Willy M Tuva, Weezdom who silently left the record label that has now been facing a lot of criticism, said that he did it all because of Bahati’s wife Diana Marua.


“I respect Bahati a lot because he is the one who brought up my music career. I consider him my brother but there were some changes which started emerging and the changes involved someone called Diana Marua. She (Marua) made sure I exited the record. She made Bahati change on me professionally and as a brother and since I was just starting as an artist, I decided to send myself out there so God can open my paths as well,” he stated.

Working with other artists

The two singers have been going back and forth since Weezdom left his record label almost and year ago. After he left, Bahati deleted his songs on YouTube something that sparked outrage.

After Bahati deleted his music, Weezdom complained that it’s because he was jealous he was now working with gospel singer Willy Paul.

“I Am Not Bitter Am Just Shocked!! That He Would Stoop So Low But Since He Taught Me The Art Of Forgiving I Will Let It Go Coz My Wealth Is Not On Earth But In Heaven..I Forgive Bahati As My Big Brother And My Mentor And I Know That In Heaven We Shall Not Be Judged By You Tube Views And Comments..”Amenitoa Far” Was Just A Video And These Are Material Things..I Forgive You Bahati..Now That You Have Taken The Landmark Of Our Respect It Is Very Sad But I Am A BETTER MAN.”



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