BATE suffered a terrible start with an own goal in the opening five minutes and simply never recovered.

Arsenal further punished their guests with goals in the 39th and 60th minutes that ensured the English side a place in the round of 16. The hosts will be delighted to have gone through and certainly created enough chances to deserve the victory, but the finishing will need to improve as they face increasingly difficult competition the further they go in this tournament.


As for players, Xhaka was arguably the best player in the first-half and then provided another assist in the second. His wayward shots are often a waste in attack but, considering everything else he can provide, Arsenal may just be fine with that. For BATE, Skavysh did what he could on the right but was often unsupported and the longer he was on the pitch the more he forced things. Scherbitski did as well as a ‘keeper can do in a match in which he concedes three goals, saving six shots that could have really inflated the scoreline had he not risen to the challenge. On the whole, the hosts clearly deserved to go through and they have.

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