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Richest Nollywood Actor: Top 10 Richest Nollywood Actors 2019

There are some actors who have over the years through determination and hard work made a name for themselves plus, their pockets are equally a proof of that. They are not only famous they are also rich with a lot of money in the bank,this article quickly runs down the list of the richest nollywood actors in Nigeria in 2019. Let’s talk about the highest paid Nigerian actors. Who are they? How much money do they have? How have they reached the level of popularity that could bring them their riches?

Who is the richest Nollywood actor in 2018?

When it comes to knowing the richest actor in Nigeria in 2019 , some factors are put into consideration. Factors like popularity, number of movies starred in, number of awards and recognitions gotten, looks etc all come to mind. Subsequently, the growing revenue in Nollywood has been a positive for many actors in the industry with these individuals greatly increasing their earning potential. Nigeria has given birth to some great movie actors over the years, many of whom have gone on to act in comedies, dramas, horror movies and others.

Top 10 Richest Actors In Nigeria 2019

1. Richard Mofe Damijo

Richard Mofe Damijo popularly called RMD is the richest and highest paid Nigerian actor. Born on July 6, 1961, the man has obtained his legend status by acting in numerous movies and soap operas since the 80s. He was formerly a Nigerian journalist and publisher and is admired by many people in Nigeria. Some of his movies include: Hostages, Scores to Settle, Diamond Ring etc.

He has bagged accolades and some awards including Best Actor in a Leading Role and Most Prominent Actor in Nigeria. RMD gets various endorsement deals which ultimately made him wealthy and the richest actor in Nollywood at this moment. He was formerly commissioner for Culture and Tourism in Delta State.

2. Desmond Elliot

Desmond Elliot is one of the richest Nollywood superstars you may see today. Born on February 4, 1974, Desmond Elliot is probably one of the most recognisable faces in Nollywood. His career began with soap operas, and now he stars in and directs big budget films thus putting him on the list as one of the highest paid Nigerian actor.

He contested and won the Surulere Constituency in the April 11, 2015 Nigerian General Elections. He has featured in over 200 Nollywood movies, some of which are Reloaded, Yahoo Millionaire, Men Who Cheat, Painful World 2, Unfinished Business 2, True Colors 2 and 30 Days in Atlanta. Elliot is a graduate of Economics from the Lagos State University.

3. Jim Iyke

Jim Iyke, who was born on September 25, 1976. He is said to be involved in multiple scandals and controversies and has still managed to build an incredibly successful career, earning himself a reputation of Nollywood’s bad boy.This personality got his popularity in 2001. Jim Iyke has a bottled water company called “Burgeon Table Water”, clothing line called “Untamed Closet” and the founder of Jim lyke Foundation for Children with Special Disabilities.

He has featured in over 100 movies such as When love comes around, Between Kings and Queen, Last Flight to Abuja, and American Driver. Iyke is a lover of exotic cars. Some of the cars in his garage include a Convertible Plymouth Prowler, one Camero SS convertible and Dodge.

4. Chidi Mokeme

Chidi Mokeme, born on March 17, 1972, is one of the biggest Nigerian actors, models and TV hosts. With his career spanning well over 20 years, he has starred in numerous great movies. His fame soared when he presented in the first two seasons of popular Nigerian Reality TV Show, Gulder Ultimate Search (GUS).

He is married to Jean Chinwe Olumba, who he met at President Barack Obama’s inauguration ball in Maryland, USA in 2008 and the two got married in 2012. His earnings are largely from his work with Gulder Ultimate Search team.

5. Segun Arinze

Segun Arinze is an actor, songwriter, scriptwriter, director, producer, and singer. Famed for his bad guy and cabal roles, ” Black Arrow” as he is commonly called was born on 24 September 1965 in Onitsha, Anambra State to an Igbo mother and a Yoruba father. He studied Dramatic Arts at the Obafemi Awolowo University. He also featured the popular TV soap opera of the 90’s Ripples and has since remained one of the top Nollywood actors.

Segun Arinze has in over 200 movies, some of which include Silent Night, Women in Love, Anini, Darkest Night and Invasion 1897. Arinze at one point was the president of the Actors Guild of Nigeria. He has tried other ventures, such as singing and voice acting, you might have heard his voice over various Radio and TV commercials.

6. Ramsey Nouah

Nigeria’s Lover Boy Ramsey Nouah, since he was 21, has starred in various movies, starting with the soap opera Fortunes back in the early days of his career. Ramsey has been in the movie industry for a long time and has starred in some movies like When Love Dies, Dangerous Twins,To Love an Angel, A Private Storm, Battle of Love and The Figurine.

He was named the most handsome and richest actor in Nigeria many times. He has won several awards such as Best Actor in a Leading Role, Most Prominent Actor in Nigeria etc. Ramsey Nouah is married to Emelia Philips and they have 3 children together.

7. Mike Ezuruonye

Mike, born on September 20, 1982 and somewhat of a late starter because he was a banker before he became an actor, has starred in numerous movies, earning himself fame and fortune. His first movie was titled “Broken Marriage” and ever since then he has featured in many movies.

He has starred in over 100 movies and has signed some endorsement deals with Airtel and GLO . Mike with his acting skills has made it to the top 10 richest Nollywood Actors 2019

8. John Okafor

Top Nollywood actor and seasoned comedian John Okafor, popularly known as Mr Ibu by his die hard fans is one of Nigeria’s and Africa’s funniest gifted comic characters. He received his nickname thanks to his iconic role in the 2004 movie ‘Mr. Ibu’. Okafor who was born on 17 October 1961 and married with children is reputed to be one of Nigeria’s most talented comic characters particularly known for his humorous acting.

John Okafor imbecility roles in movies stood him out among his colleagues and has featured in several comic movies making him one the richest Nollywood actors. John is still a very popular actor and in addition to his many roles, he has signed several multimillion naira endorsement deals with Merrybet and GoTV. He has featured in movies like Mr.Ibu, Mr.Ibu in London, Police Recruit, 9 Wives, Ibu in Prison and Keziah.

9. Nkem Owoh

Nkem Owoh, born on February 7, 1958, starred in one of the most popular series of the 80s, like “New Masquerade” and “Things Fall Apart.” Nkem Owoh is a comical actor who started acting in the 1980s. Nkem Owoh well interpreted comical roles in movies has taken him far and wide in the movie industry, thus he has been hailed as the king of comedy and has been in the nigerian movie industry for many years. He has over 100 movies to his credit.

Owoh is an MTN ambassador and is said to own landed properties in Enugu and Imo State. Some of his notable movies are Taboo, Ukwa, A Fool at 40, Ghana Must Go, Spanner, Mr. Trouble, Osuofia in London and even starred in the directorial debut of Genevieve Nnaji in ‘Lionheart’ (2018). If you want to witness the right dose of sarcasm and a dash of foolishness, then Nkem Owoh is your go-to-guy.

10. Pete Edochie

Born on March 7, 1947, Chief Edochie is a legendary actor, philanthropist, TV personality, and producer. Fame came to him with a role of Okonkwo, the protagonist of a book-based movie ‘Things Fall Apart’ for which he bagged an international award.

After “Things Fall Apart” Pete Edochie became successful as an actor getting roles in soap operas and in movies. Pete Edochie has been in the movie industry for over 40 years. His movies are too numerous with the most recent being “LionHeart” (2018). He has won several awards and is rated as one of the best actors in Africa. He makes his money from acting, endorsements.

That’s all folks, on the top 10 Richest Nigerian Nollywood Actors in 2019.


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