Rapper Okyeame Kwame has revealed that he won’t think twice about burning any human being who will burn his child.

According to the award-winning rapper, “no amount of forgiveness can stop me from hitting this guy, burning him too and taking the law into my own hands.”


“I will burn him too,” Okyeame Kwame said in response to the question on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show last Friday.

That is not all. “I will get an axe and go down there and butcher him,” The rapper, born Kwame Nsiah-Apau, (known largely as Okyeame Kwame), Okyeame Kwame was reacting to a Joy News report on an 11-year-old boy who was doused with petrol and set on fire for allegedly spying on a woman in a bathroom in the Upper East Region of Ghana.

Ayinbiha Abelinkiira was, two years ago, accused of peeping through a bathroom, to see the nakedness of a woman who was taking a bath – an offense he denies.

This story comes in the wake of a similar story in which a boy had his arm chopped off by his step mum in the Central Region because he defecated in a farm.

Annica Nsiah-Apau, wife of Okyeame Kwame, who was visibly shaken by the ordeal of Ayinbiha on the other hand admonished parents to discipline their children out of love, urging that the purpose for discipline should be the benefit that it brings the child.

“So anytime you have to punish a child you have to pause and think about it with the end benefit in mind. Why am I doing this, am I doing it so that the child gets it or I am doing it so that I inflict pain on the child? You must punish your child but pause and think of the impact on the child.,” she said.

Annica who was a co-panelist added that parents should emulate how God discipline’s his children.

“Even as parents when our children do something and we are about to punish them we have to pause because the Bible explains that you must punish a child when they do wrong but then anytime they spoke about punishment with God, they also added that he did it with love.”



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