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Most Peaceful Country in Africa: Top 10 Most Peaceful African Countries in 2019

Though Africa has had it’s fair share of political uprisings and the likes, she can boast of some peaceful countries in it. For a country to be peaceful and also rank among the top 10, it requires lots of hard work and co-operation from the people and the government.

What country is the most peaceful?

Global Peace Index (GPI) ranks Mauritius as the most peaceful country in Africa. Africans are peace loving people with potential to be the best continent in the world. Even though the western media keep portraying Africa nations as unpeaceful, this article will refute that. According to Global Peace Index, below are the top 10 most peaceful African countries 2019

Top 10 Most Peaceful African Countries in 2019

10. Sierra Leone

Known for its previous bouts of war and conflicts, the tiny West African nation has gradually evolved into a safe haven for people to live in. This beautiful country is set along the coast washed by the Atlantic Ocean. Its national symbol of freedom is the cotton tree. Most of the residents are still illiterate. However, they have found a perfect way out – they use radios to keep on with the news. This country is ranked as one of the most religiously tolerant countries in the world and they are blessed with so many natural resources.

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9. Madagascar

It is a beautiful island that is situated along the southeast coast of Africa and washed by the Indian Ocean. It is the fourth largest island in the world. Madagascar has its own unique ecosystem.
One thing peculiar about this country is the free education it offers. It is one of the most peaceful countries in Africa that you can live in or even study in any of her top universities.

8. Lesotho

Sitting on the eighth position of peaceful African countries in 2019 is Lesotho. This country which is landlocked by a kingdom enriched by South Africa. The country has lots of rivers and mountain, if you are a tourist then you definitely want to view Lesotho.
Lesotho runs a parliamentary system of government and the country possesses one of the best civil liberties in Africa. Lesotho does not have a single code containing its laws. Education in this country is compulsory and its economy is twined with that of South Africa. With a high literacy rate, Lesotho has experienced massive development over the years that you would hardly hear of any conflict in the country.

7. Morocco

Morocco is the most peaceful country in North Africa ruled by the a Monarch. The country is characterized by rugged mountainous interior/ large tracks of the desert.
The educational system in Morocco is organized in such a way that primary education is free and it is compulsory. This country belongs to the UN, Arab league, UMA, OIA, and so many others.

6. Namibia

The country is located in the southwest Africa and it’s distinguished by the Namibia desert along the Atlantic Ocean coast. Namibia is also another country tourist can visit and they also have a significant cheetah population.
Namibia had her own ethnic crisis in the past but have moved on to become one of the stable nations in Africa. Despite differences of ideologies, political parties operating in Namibia work together for the sake of national interest. Namibia is referred to as an oasis of peace and stability. Today, Namibia can boast that they have effectively confronted and overcome the challenge that is causing widespread conflict and instability.

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5. Zambia

At number 5, we have Zambia. The landlocked Southern Africa nation was formerly referred to as Northern Rhodesia before its independence in 1964. The Victoria Falls, one of the seven natural wonders of the world is located in the country. The Lake Tanganyika also found in Zambia is the second largest and deepest freshwater lake in the world. Zambia is a christian African nation and one of the urbanized countries in sub-Saharan Africa with strict social protection against the minority. The economy of Zambia has also witnessed a leap in recent times.

4. Ghana

The West African country known for an abundance of gold is one of the peaceful countries ranked by the peace index. The country has experienced two power transfer that has been peaceful between two political parties. The country is in good terms with other neighboring countries close to them and the internal conflicts in the country is very low. The country is known strategically as the gateway to Africa due to its location on the map of Africa. The capital of the country is called Accra and is absolutely a beautiful place to visit.

3. Angola

This is a southern African nation. Angola is the seventh largest country in Africa whose varied terrain encompasses tropical beaches and so many others. At first, this country was into war but ever since the end of the war, there has been peace and everything has been put into place. This made the country to be among the richest and most developed country in Africa. Angola is a member to various international organizations like AU, UN, and OPEC.

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2. Botswana

One of the hottest country in Africa, it is also ranked as one of the most peaceful. Botswana actually has a lot we do not know of.
PPI ranked Botswana the best governed country in Africa in 2013 while GPI ranked this country as the second most peaceful African country. This is because Botswana’s constitution respects and protects the fundamental rights of its citizens. Something you won’t find in most African nations.

1. Mauritius

At the number 1 spot is “MAURITIUS”, although not a very popular country but one of the most peaceful countries in Africa. The people of Mauritius are known to be multi-ethnic and multicultural. This nation has one of the best judicial systems in Africa and has positioned itself as a leading country in estate and wealth management. The country is ranked for democracy and economic and political freedom.


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