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Most Marketable Courses In Kenya 2019: Top 10 Most Marketable Courses In Kenya

Following the employment trends in Kenya, anyone aspiring to join college should be extra careful on which course to pursue at the university. If you are planning to join a Kenyan university in 2019 then at the top of your agenda is to know the most marketable courses. Some of the marketable courses in kenya you think are popular may end up taking you nowhere, so therefore it pays to do research to determine which course is trending in the job market and which one will likely be useless in the near future as these courses tend to land you a job almost immediately when you graduate from the institution.

Which Are The Most Marketable Courses In Kenya Today?

We all have or had a need to get advanced teachings in the tertiary institution in the course of our choice. There are some more marketable and well sought after courses studied in the university and other equivalent institutions that tend to land one a job almost as soon as one graduate from the institution. In this article, we provide you with a list of best degree courses you should pursue in Kenyan universities as they guarantee better pay and excellent career experience.

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Top 10 Marketable Degree Courses In Kenya.

1. Pharmacy

The pharmacist administers and also manufacture drugs as well. This degree program which takes 5 years to study will prepare you to become a pharmacist and you will work at KEMSA, GSK, ministry of health, NGOs or any health facility.

The best thing with this course is that even if you are not lucky to get a job you can employ yourself and that makes it one of the most marketable degree in Kenya.

2. Medicine and Surgery

Medicine has been and still remains the most marketable course in the country. Opportunities for Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery may have shrunk with time but that does not mean the profession isn’t marketable because as some of us know “a healthy nation is a wealthy nation”.

Even when you have no job, you are allowed start your own clinic with ease and make handsome cash from it.

3. Quantity Surveying

If you want to do a course that will make your rich as quickly as possible then this is the course. This is a sure bet for Kenyans who would want to earn more and avoid the risk of being jobless.

Their job description includes Conducting feasibility studies to estimate materials, time and labor costs, preparing, negotiating and analyzing costs for tenders and contracts.

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4. Software Engineering

As a software engineer, you will get numerous opportunities and job offers, which include designing Apps for companies. The growth of social media and the development of mobile apps have created opportunity for software engineers to find a place in Kenya.

A software engineer can fit into any organization because of the nature.

5. Statistics

Bachelor of Statistics is pursued by Kenyans with good grasp of Mathematics. Statistics is both marketable at undergraduate and Masters Level. The good thing about Statistics is that you are able to diversify and this qualifies it to be on the list of the top marketable courses in Kenya.

Graduates from this course are called statistician and their job is to collect, gather and display numerical data thus helping organizations to make sense of quantitative data and to spot trends and make predictions.

6. Monitoring and Evaluation

It doesn’t matter which level you’ll do this course as the Non-Governmental Organizations mostly require the services of Monitoring and Evaluation officer.

The job description of a Monitoring and Evaluation officer is to help improve performance in ongoing projects and achieve results.

7. Commerce

Commerce is a course we can’t rule out.

Ensure you enroll for ACC or CFA if you are admitted to pursue this program as Bachelor of Commerce remains one of the most marketable courses in Kenya.

8. Architecture

Unemployment rate for architects in Kenya is one of the lowest, in fact less than 20% as there are several wonderful opportunities for Architects in Kenya.

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This course is regarded as the best in the Kenyan job market.

9. Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is marketable and has lots of opportunities.

Kenya which is a developing country is embarking on a lot of projects that has to do with buildings, roads, railways and so on and these projects cannot be carried out without the services of a Civil Engineer and so this course has a spot as one of the most in-demand courses In Kenya.

10. Real Estate Management

Real Estate is booming, so does job opportunities in this area and so it has emerged as one of the best courses to study in Kenya especially those who wish to work in its field.

There you have the best and marketable courses In Kenya. Do not forget that these courses enable you to establish your own organization if you don’t want to take up a job but instead choose to be your own boss.

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