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Most Educated Country in Africa 2019: Top 10 Most Educated African Countries

Education and progress of a country are interrelated. The more educated a country is, the more progressive it’s likely to be. It is not a secret that only educated people can make progress, help develop their country and increase the economy. Territories with a big number of citizens who are not literate and not educated suffer the most from high levels of unemployment and bad economy.

Which is the most educated country in Africa?

Zimbabwe, Equatorial Guinea, and South Africa share the title of being the most educated African countries. This list presents the Top 10 most educated African countries. Meanwhile, this ranking is clearly based on the African countries with the highest literacy rates. What’s literacy rate? The literacy rate is a tool that may be used in evaluating academic standards of various countries based on the population of educated people. Educated people are those who can read and write and if a country is dominated by many literates, such a country should have a high literacy rate. Below is a list of most educated countries in Africa in 2019.

Top 10 Most Educated African Countries in 2019

1. Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is regarded as the most educated African country. This ranking is majorly due to its massive literacy rate of 90.70% –the highest in Africa. In 1982, only 77.8% of the adult population in this country was considered literate. With a 90% literacy rate today, Zimbabwe has achieved an average annual literacy growth of 3.79%. As a result, it is believed that the Zimbabwean population is largely dominated by those who can read and write. English is both the official and primary language in Zimbabwe. So this gives Zimbabweans the privilege to achieve their various tertiary academic needs in foreign countries.

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2. Equatorial Guinea

It is quite surprising to find Equatorial Guinea in this position. Equatorial Guinea set up its major tertiary academic institution in 1995 and this is regarded as an inconsiderable period for the country to attain a significant system of education. However, Equatorial Guinea maintains the second spot among the most educated African countries due to its impressive literacy rate of 87.00% as well as its significant focus on the education sector.

3. South Africa

Across the world, South Africa is prominent as one of the most influential African countries in terms of economy and military. South Africa has a three-tier system of education starting with primary school, followed by high school and tertiary education in the form of (academic) universities and universities of technology. There are a significant number of public and private academic institutions which offer tertiary education to South Africans. Meanwhile, this gives South Africa some desirable and impressive academic standards. South Africa deserves to be on the list of most educated African countries as it’s got the best academic institutions in the continent. With a literacy rate of 86.40%, it’s glaring that South Africans are highly educated.

4. Kenya

Kenya employs the 8 year system of primary education. Although education is not a mandatory thing for Kenyans, the government of Kenya makes provisions for the people to achieve the 8-year period of primary education. Kenya became an independent territory in 1963. Despite the experience of political crisis and great reforms, Kenya has managed to keep an impressive education system and this gives the country the high literacy rate of 85.10%. Today, Kenya can boast of 30 tertiary institutions. Impressively this has attracted foreigners to Kenya in pursuit of tertiary academic standards.

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5. Namibia

Namibia is one of the African countries which pay serious attention to education. In Namibia, it is a prerequisite for every citizen between the age limit of 6-16 to receive an education. For this academic period of 10 years (from age 6 to age 16), the Namibian constitution charges the government with the responsibility of providing academic funds. The government only takes care of children’s academic fees. On the other hand, parents cater to their children’s academic needs such as accommodation fees, school uniform. Namibia boasts of many schools –more than 1,500 schools, but no significant tertiary institution. It has a literacy rate of 85.00%.

6. Sao Tome and Principe

Sao Tome and Principe have almost same literacy rate with Lesotho but the two countries’ education systems differ in certain circumstances. Despite gaining independence from Portugal in 1975, the country is still associated with academic instability. Sao Tome and Principe is associated with improper academic standards ranging from shortage of classrooms to poor academic finance and strategy. Nevertheless, Sao Tome and Principe is the sixth among Africa’s best education systems all thanks to the high literacy rate of 84.90%.

7. Lesotho

The policy of free primary education established in 2010 has triggered many citizens to pursue their academic standards. Since then, the government of Lesotho made primary education a mandatory thing for every citizen to pursue. Due to the new reforms introduced into the education system of Lesotho, the country has proven its determination towards lofty academic standards. Therefore, Lesotho has the literacy rate of 84.80%. Despite having a high literacy rate, there are just three tertiary academic institutions and they are the University’s International School, the National University of Lesotho and the Lesotho Agricultural College.

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8. Mauritius

Since gaining independence, Mauritius has progressively adopted the British education system. The government of Mauritius provides free education to its citizens from pre-primary to tertiary level. Mauritius merits a place on this list as a result of its literacy rate estimated around 84.40%.

9. Congo

At the 9th position, we have Congo with the high literacy rate of 83.80% thus makeing it one of the most educated African countries in 2019. For many years, Congo has experienced serious constitutional crises and these have imposed severe setbacks on the country’s education system. Despite being named one of Africa’s most educated countries, there isn’t a significant number of tertiary academic institutions in the country.

10. Libya

The Libyan government offers free primary education to the citizens and makes it a mandatory thing for them. Libya has had its own share of civil war in the past. Today, the country is striving hard to keep things in order Besides being one of the most educated African countries, Libya’s vast deposit of oil makes it one of the wealthiest African countries.

Also, Libya maintains a literacy rate of 82.60% and this is definitely the reason why it’s being given the tenth position among the African countries, with the best education systems.

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