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Most Corrupt Country in Africa: Top 10 Most Corrupt African Countries 2019

Corruption is often in the eye of the beholder, largely tied to individual beliefs about right and wrong. Corruption is fast becoming one of those global phenomena which every country is struggling with. It’s very safe to say that corruption has eaten deep in almost every system in Africa. Starting from the political sphere to the economic, financial, security, and social domains, corruption seems to have overshadowed integrity, accountability, fairness, and morality.

Which Country is the Most Corrupt in Africa?

Somalia ranks first on the list of most corrupt countries in Africa. From the government officials to the locals, everyone is corrupt.

Recent studies have pointed out few of the most corrupt countries in Africa. Let’s have a look at the list of these countries to determine their level of corruption.

Top 10 Most Corrupt African Countries 2019

10. Guinea

Not many people around the world know that one of Africa’s most popular countries is also one of the most corrupt. This country located on the African continent shares the same place as Libya with its ‘corruption perceptions index’ of as low as 17. Thus, it is also one of the most corrupt countries in Africa these days. So great is the corruption of Guinea that in 2008 the president of Guinea right before his death admitted to the sale of a mine to a British Company worth billions of dollars for personal gain.

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9. Angola

These days we are not surprised to know that a big country with more than 25 million people has a high corruption rating. Having corrupt officials in the government has become a norm for many countries, but the entire government swindling few hundred million dollars for personal gain is unheard of. Angola is one African country which has managed to gain quite a reputation for itself as one of the most corrupt countries in the world.

8. Libya

One of those countries which have one of the toughest people justice systems, Libya also has managed to claw its way to the top of the most corrupt countries of Africa 2019 list. With a bribery rate at more than 62% and failing judicial and police systems, Libya has given way to complete lawlessness and corruption.

7. Democratic Republic Of Congo

Democratic Republic of the Congo has managed to end up in the 7th position on our list of top 10 most corrupt countries in Africa. The rate of corruption is so high in Congo that not even the government officials themselves are immune to it.

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6. Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial Guinea is the only African country with Spanish as its official language. Its main national wealth is oil; however, it often seems that the more oil the country has, the more corrupted it is. Being one of the wealthiest nations of the world beating Saudi Arabia, Korea and Italy combined, Equatorial Guinea has also managed to become one of Africa’s most corrupt countries. It is one thing to take bribes, but to put the entire nation below 60% poverty rate is almost ludicrous.

5. Zimbabwe

Mugabe’s country gained fame for being corrupt-stricken. Zimbabwe has had one of the most steady growth of corruptions over the past few years. 77% of Zimbabweans feel corruption has spread across the country, which Zimbabwe Independent suggests was as a result of the rise in poverty and hardship. 65% of the respondents noted that health sector of the country is heavily affected by corruption.

4. Chad

Holding a world rank of 173rd position among 183 countries for corruption truly requires a lot of talent, and no other country has managed to display their talent for corruption. Being one of the largest places by its territory and giving home to over 13 million people, Chad hasn’t done much to develop its agriculture and provide people with enough food and bright expectations of their possible future.

3. Burundi

Despite the establishment of anti-corruption agencies in Burundi, corruption still persist. Being the center for organized corruption in Africa, Burundi has become one of the most corrupt countries in Africa in 2019.

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2. Sudan

Sudan is one of those few countries in Africa which has been engrossed in corruption, warfare and terrorism for a long time now. The country is run by gruesome warlords who will go to any extent to spread terror and corruption. Murder and crime has become a norm and part of everyday life for the Sudanese. Corruption is at its peak in Sudan.
This is one of the main reasons that has made Sudan one of the most corrupt and terrorized places not only in Africa, but in the world at large.

1. Somalia

Being the most corrupt country in Africa, Somalia has managed to make quite a name for itself over the years. With one of the highest poverty levels and the most corrupt government, the locals have turned to every form of violence and terrorism imaginable. The corruption and terrorism in Somalia is so high that even public selling of weapons and ammunition is accepted by the Somalian Government.


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