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Highest Paying Jobs in South Africa 2019: Top 10 Highest Paid South African Jobs

There are factors put into consideration when settling for a job. Salary, wages, remuneration etc. is part of it. You should always ask yourself these questions: Do you love what you’re doing? Do you get paid for doing what you love doing or do you get paid for working even though you don’t like it? It is important to know the kind of job where you can fit in, be valuable and be excellent, in the same vein you shouldn’t neglect or think less on the pay package. Besides the love for what you know how to do, career choices are influenced by different factors some of which include training and education, skills and abilities, interest and personality type, life roles, social and economic conditions in a particular geographical area and on many occasions, childhood fantasies.

What is the most highest paying jobs in South Africa?

Software engineering is the highest paying job. It’s a job in demand. Due to the nature of the job, it’s relevance, skills required and time consumption, it makes the number one on our list. The list below shows which jobs pay the most in South Africa which you can choose from and apply hopefully,

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in South Africa in 2019

10. Chartered Accountant

Pay per Annum: R435, 000

A career in chartered accountancy certainly isn’t for everyone. It generally takes at least four years of academic study at South Africa’s top universities and another three years of practical training. It, therefore, calls for sacrifice, discipline and talent. The job description of a chartered accountant is to give financial advice, audit accounts to ensure accuracy and provide trustworthy information concerning financial records.

9. Air Traffic Controller

Pay per Annum: R580, 000

The job of an Air Traffic Controller is highly important Particularly to the aviation sector. The demand for their services is increasing. They coordinate the movement of air traffic to ensure that aircraft stay safe distances apart. It is one of the most stressful jobs because a great amount of concentration will be required to ensure that no aircraft moves in the wrong lane at the wrong time.

8. Actuary

Pay per annum: R598 055

An actuary is a figure-loving profession that has a degree in mathematics. They examine the potential of an uncertain event to happen such as an earthquake, hurricane, or other natural disasters and assess the impact of financial losses. With all these job descriptions, I’m not surprised and little wonder it ranks as one of the highest paying jobs in South Africa.

7. Management Consultant

Pay per Annum: minimum of R390,000

One of the core function of a management consultant is to help and aid organizations achieve and attain a mass improvement in their performance. They do this primarily through the analysis of existing organizational problems and the development of plans for improvement. You’ll agree with me that this job is very important in the cooperate parastatal. The nature of their job is the reason it attracts high pay and made it 7th highest paying jobs in South Africa. Depending on their level of expertise and the company involved, a management consultant can earn between R392,000 rand and 672,000 rands per annum.

6. Petroleum Engineer

Pay per Annum: R570, 000

In a country that seeks to better her energy sector as well as increase the production crude resources, it pays more attention to petroleum engineers. Petroleum Engineer works mainly at the Oil Refinery. This job is, therefore, one of the highest paying jobs in South Africa. The career path demands tremendous dedication and commitment. The salary of a South African petroleum engineer is R572, 600 per year.

5. Specialist Doctors

Pay per Annum: R400, 000 – R600, 000

Medical specialists are doctors who have completed advanced education and clinical training in a specific area of medicine. The salary range for doctors ranges greatly based on the speciality. it takes a minimum of nine years to train as a general practitioner while specialists must undergo advanced education and clinical training.

4. IT Manager

Pay per Annum: R620,230

An IT manager monitors operational requirements, research strategies, technology solutions and builds most cost-effective and efficient systems. As the race towards more efficient technology continues every day, there is a higher demand for IT managers and professionals. The salary of an IT manager increases as the years on expertise in the profession increases.

3. Lawyer

Pay per Annum: R650, 000

It is said that no individual or business organization is immune from being confronted with a legal matter that requires expert legal understanding and advises. It is for this reason that lawyers are constantly in demand. The lawyer is the third highest paying job on our list and obviously, they cannot be overlooked. Starting salaries for qualified lawyers in South Africa are between R643,440 and R655,000 per annum. The more years of practice one has, the higher the salary.

2. Pilot

Pay per Annum: R695,800

It is a certainty that the work of a pilot is not one that can be done by any other person except one who is as well-trained and just as skilful.
The job description of a pilot is one that is tedious and demanding and as such attracts an eye-catching remuneration. A pilot must have graduated and obtained a degree from the School of Aviation.

1. Software Engineers

Pay per annum: R1.2 million

The first of the highest paying jobs in South Africa is software engineering. It’s also a highly sought after job in South Africa. Software Engineers manage the design, development, and maintenance of software programs. Though the field is fairly young, it has quickly become one of the country’s most important professions. The job of a software engineer is to design, develop and maintenance of software programs. Software engineers are mostly graduates with degrees in computer science and programming.


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