Home News South Africa Rapper Moozlie Live Car Crash: Fans Disregard Nomuzi Mabena ‘Accident’ (Video)

Rapper Moozlie Live Car Crash: Fans Disregard Nomuzi Mabena ‘Accident’ (Video)

Fans on social media are calling for clarity after South African media personality Nomuzi Mabena appeared to get into an accident during a live Instagram video.

Popularly known as Moozlie, Mabena was announcing that her record label would be signing new artists in the video when all of sudden she hit something and a cracked windscreen is seen.

Many people on social media believe that the video might be a publicity stunt to promote awareness for road safety.

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Watch Moozlie live Car Crash Video Below:

No news on Mabena’s well-being has been announced but reports suggest that the rapper is alive and safe.

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Jackie Phamotse asked Twitter for help in finding Nomuzi Mabena but was dragged instead.

While Twitter waited to find out if Nomuzi Mabena really crashed her car while on Instagram Live or it was just another stunt, they turned their attention to author Jackie Phamotse.

Nomuzi took to Instagram Live on Thursday evening to make a big announcement while driving.

But this was cut short when a screeching noise was heard and a cracked windscreen came into view. The video runs for several more seconds before ending.

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Jackie had Twitter in a huff when she shared a tearful video begging people to help find Nomuzi.

Mzansi who has zero child went in hard at Jackie and even called her tears fake.


While some tweeps expressed genuine concern others were skeptical and dragged the author for trying to steal the spotlight with her “fake tears”.

Jackie responded to the mountain of criticism by calling haters “heartless”.

But tweeps didn’t care and continued to drag Jackie, which led to her topping the trends list.

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