We present you the no. 1 trend in South Africa right now its King Monada Malwedhe Dance Challenge Kea Idibala Dance Video Compilations

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King Monada’s new hit song Malwedhe is the reason for the latest challenge to sweep over South Africa with many videos taking over the internet of people willingly falling to the ground.

In the latest video to go viral, posted by Facebook user Musa Mathebula, learners from an unknown school are seen falling to the ground in a classroom and have since been suspended. Their teacher, clearly not impressed by the challenge, is seen scolding the learners, telling them she doesn’t want to see them anywhere near her classroom.

The song, which means ‘disease’, talks about a person getting a disease which leads to fainting if their partner cheats. The challenge is simply to fall on the ground in tune with the song.

Here are some of the #MalwedheChallenge videos making waves on social media, including local radio station, Capricorn FM:

Malwedhe Challenge Videos Below:

Malwedhe Dance Challenge Compilation By Hirwa10

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Malwedhe Challenge ETV News & Compilation

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Funny & Interesting Malwedhe Challenge Compilation

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