I don’t know about you, but I am a huge fan of entertainment, I never joke with my music, video games and movies, and when it comes to movies TV shows or AKA seasonal movies are my favorite, I really love bingewatching TV shows, and I only do American, British or Spanish TV series. The time an average person spends whatsapping, Instagraming and etc I spend bingewatching my TV shows.

I am sure there are lots like me here, we know ourselves the Netflix, Torrent and O2tvseries type.

Today I want to share with you some unique and amazing TV serieses you may not be following or bingewatch yet, picking them from the over 200 TV shows downloaded on my PC.

I’m not bragging but I can definitely tell you have not watched most of the TV shows I present you below. And trust me you would thank me after watching some of them. And I have another list coming next month.

Enjoy my recommendations below.


If you are huge fan of time travel shows I totally recommend this particular show. There are lots of times travel series out there but this is kind of different from the rest, talks a lot about Africans and black history in America. And their time travel theories make better sense.

DaVinci Demons

If you are a fan of fantasy/historical TV shows I recommend this for you too. You get to know more about the legend of Leonardo Da Vinci and the medicis intertwined with Rome and Italy in general. I love the show. But I stopped after season 2 though.

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Many of you are probably following this show but I am also sure many have not watched it yet. If you haven’t, trust me you are missing a lot I usually hear people hyping this show then but I didn’t like the plot and cast I saw online until I forced myself to watch it. Start watching and I can tell you, you would learn new things.


This is for the people who love the crime and action people, if you a fan of shows like Power then I can guarantee you will love this show, has lots of action and topless scene *winks*? and has a good ending.


If you are a fan of action and all these governmental TV shows this series is for you. It’s full of action from A-Z. I love all the characters and the storyline is nothing but great. Bad thing is they canceled it and no Season 2 but I can tell you the season deserves your binge-watching

If you have watched some of them you can give comments below so that you can see other people’s reviews.

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