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Pictures: 2018 Latest Hairstyles For African & Black Women

It’s about time we start talking more about fashion here on TINA Magazine. And yeah.. Today it’s all about the women. So our ladies we know sometimes it can be hard to choose an hairstyle so we’ve got some new and interesting styles you may have never tried.

If you are having trouble choosing, check out some pictures and guides of the latest hairstyles Across Africa gathered from several African countries, tribes, And the black community So you know they are not all African Hairstyles. And do not doubt: there is certainly something you will love!

However, some ladies strive to keep up with the latest trends and seek for hair styling decisions that corresponds to the tastes of modern fashion influencers. Luckily, this year has brought many interesting ideas for letting you styling your hair the way you like.


This would be our first recommendation because it is easy to make and maintain for curly hair. It doesn’t strain your hair, furthermore, it allows it to be free and to recover from all the fancy and stylish hairstyles, and healthy hair will always look beautiful.

One of the most pleasant things about Afro is that it fits for hair of any length. It is probably the most popular option for short hairstyles Across Africa now. Although Afro may seem to lack diversity, it is not true.

Besides carefree natural locks or spirals, girls often cut hair on the sides or dye it in different colors, from burgundy to purple ombre. Moreover, the form of the curls is a highly personal detail, and it helps to look original.

Brazilian hair

2018 African hairstyles for women

2018 African hairstyles for women

Curly hair is most commonly used and there is a pretty big variety of their sizes, but you can even find straight Brazilian extensions to diversify your style.

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It is one of the best ways to get an original look. Just think: how many of your friends or acquaintances can boast with perfect wavy hair? Of course, you can try to achieve the same result on your own, but there are two things to keep in mind.

Firstly, it is complicated to find hair mousse or hairspray, which will fix the waves and still let your hair look natural. Secondly, straightening curly hair to make waves does not work well either; moreover, it usually has harmful influence. WIth Brazilian hair you get perfectly styled look for a long time.

Ghana braids

ghana braids african

The latest Ghana weaving hairstyles have become one of the favorite trends in Africa. Ghana weaving styles were known for a long time in Nigeria, but they became extremely popular in Africa approximately in 2014. Since then, Ghana braids remain in the list of top popular hairstyles.

Interestingly, the history of Ghana braids goes back to around 500 B.C. At the time, when this hairstyle just appeared in Africa, it was the mark of high social status. It survived through centuries and is now worn by women regardless of age, religion, social attus or any other label.

Although Ghana weaving hairstyles are quite difficult to do and often require hair gel and other additional instruments. Nevertheless, this fact does not stop women, who constantly show new Ghana weaving styles. Besides, the time spent for dealing with different Ghana weaving styles is really rewarding.

Hausa Hair Styles

The Hausa hairstyle features several weavon hair styles: Wodaabe, Suku and Patewo. Each of these Nigerian braid styles has a different and unique look. Besides, Hausa are not limited to naija braids. Dreadlocks and weaving are also a part of this popular traditional hair styling. Let’s figure out the basics.

Patewo hairstyle resembles two hands held together. This is one of the most common Nigerian hair weaving styles, which, by the way, has a symbolic name. If translated literally, it means “clap your hands”. Patewo is an example of how the hairstyle with traditional elements has become a trendy latest weaving hair style. Besides, it is fairly popular among youth.

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Suku is one more popular weavon style, which is formed with a thick braid gathered on the back. The best thing about Suku is that you can shape it whichever way you want. Besides, it is a creative option for both long weavon styles and short weavon hair style fan

Didi hairstyles

One more representative of the traditional Nigerian braiding is Didi hairstyles. These styles, traditional, first of all, to Yoruba culture, look like reversed braids. Didi suits for all types of hair: both natural and extensions.

Besides, Didi has wonderful effect: it is believed to grow hair! Although this belief is still questioned, Didi is one of the most common short hairstyles. In fact, short braided hairstyles are not that easy to make. Meanwhile, Didi also fits for thin and damaged hair.

Short Hair Styles

Short styles in Africa right now is getting more popular thanks to the celebrities who have chosen it. Short bob hairstyles and short wool hairstyles are among the top picks. There is a common belief that short hairstyles is a way to get fine hair. Nevertheless, short hairstyles for thick hair is not a rear thing. You just have to find a way to style it right.

If you finally decide to go for it, keep in mind that short hair often needs more attention than long. Why? Everything is simle.

Firstly, making a ponytail or a braid if you do not have time to wash your hair is not an option. Even if your hair looks okay in the morning and you suppose that it may turn messy till the end of the day, wake up earlier to wash it.

Secondly, remember to visit a hairdresser regularly. When your hair grows at least a little longer, it becomes complicated or impossible to style the way you want. In this case, you will end up with tangled hair and bad mood.

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French braid

French twist pics African

French twist pics African

This is one more simple hairstyle, which can be casual or exquisite – it depends on how you wear it. Besides, it is really easy to learn (if you haven’t done yet).

Prepare your hair just like you do for ordinary all back braids: divide into three equal sections, but at the top of the head. Add hair from the sides to these sections every time you cross them.

To style your braids in even more original way, just cross the sections in the opposite direction: from above to up. In this case, you will get volume braids – simple and beautiful hairstyle that fits for every occasion.

Senegalese twist

Senegalese twist hairstyles are in the TOP-stylish list this year. It is certainly one of the easiest to make weavon styles

Besides, there are several different ways to style your hair this way.

The first is two twisted braids. Wash and comb your hair. Divide it into halves, which will remind equal ponytails. Twist it tightly, until the hair cannot twist any further. Repeat the same for the second section. After this, combine the halves by twisting in the opposite directions and fix.

The second is many twisted braids. It will take more time, but the hairstyle can be worn for weeks! Wash and comb your hair, divide it into many small sections, and twist each well. Tie every braid at the ends. Use special hair mousse or wax for fixing the hair for a long time.


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