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Khaligraph Jones – Testimony Ft. Sagini (Song, Lyrics & Video)

“Testimony” features the beautiful Kenyan songstress Cece Sagini and stars as the first track on Khaligraph Jones’ latest album, “Testimony 1990” which was released on the 28 of June 2018 and consisted of an unprecedented 17 tracks of pure Hip-Hop excellence.

The track has bagged nothing but positive testimonies since the album release and is composed of an entertaining narrative of Khaligraph Jones’ arduous road to success and eventual triumph in the music scene all the while sporting beautiful vocals by Sagini to blow our mind away.

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Khaligraph Jones Testimony Lyrics

I don’t know how to follow trends
I envision the wisest
And I learn from my mistakes when I get in a crisis
From the beginning, my ambition was priceless
And broke niggas still giving advices
It’s ironical, they don’t apply it on themselves

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My flow is illmatic, it ain’t hard to tell
Eyy, what you know about the struggles that I’ve been through
And when I look back, I mean there’s nothing that I didn’t do
And up to now they haven’t fully embraced me
But I love them still, it don’t matter if they hate me
Break me? Never! I push until infinity
I’m gutted to the core na mtaa zinajua me ni G
They constantly asking about the album
Like “Khali’ when this shit gon’ drop? ”
I told them “As soon as I cop a Range & buy a house up in the city
cause the OG only chill at the top”
Been grating for the longest, man, I made it look possible
I proved that you can be somebody despite the obstacles
Skillwise… y’all niggas compare me to nobody
Cause I’m sick, man, I belong in a hospital

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Real life
Why settle for regular when you can be the best?
I am my only competition, I don’t see the rest
Mama said I’m overworking, man, I need to rest
But I told her, if I do, then she’ll no longer see them blessings
See life is what you make it
And if you don’t make it, it’s gonna make it for you
I told my niece “Baby, never feel forsaken
Cause if you have a gift & you
don’t use it, they gon’ take it from you”
Kayole is where I’m repping, homie
And I’m grateful for the trust that you’ve invested on me
And I promise that I’ll never let you down
From the bottom of my heart, that’s my Testimony

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I had to be wise
I had to find my way
So every day I try
That’s why I’m giving my Testimony
(My Testimony! Eeh! Eyyyy!!)
My Testimony
(My Testimony… Oooh oh oh oh)
I’m not yet where I wanna be
But I know that I’m gonna be
(That I’m gonna beee.!)
But I know my people & my city’s proud of me
(& my city’s proud of me! Eeeeeeh!)
So I’m giving you my Testimony (Eeeeh!)
Giving you my Testimony
(My Testimo-uuuh.)

I give you my Testimony

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