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How To Dance Gwara Gwara Step By Step Tutorial Videos

So we figured it’s about time we talked about the Gwara Gwara Dance arguably the most popular African dance right now before or after the Shaku Shaku dance from Nigeria, down below you get to watch these videos and download them too.

Gwara Gwara Dance Origin

The Gwara Gwara Dance was made popular by South African dance music artist, DJ Bongz, with the introduction of his hit single “Ofana Nawe,” featuring Sobz.

The dance went viral after DJ Bongz posted tutorials of how to do the dance on his social media streams, and has been featured in the videos of some of the country’s biggest hits, including “Wololo” by Babes Wodumo and “Gobisiqolo” by Bhizer. Gwara Gwara dance has become one of the most popular dance styles in Africa.

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Watch and download GwaraGwara dance tutorial videos below.

Click Here To Download Gwara Gwara Tutorial Video 1

Click Here To Download GwaraGwara tutorial video 2

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