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Top African Youtubers With The Most Popular Channels 2018

YouTube as we all know it has become the world’s Internet TV. And we have a lot of African content creators and content consumers on Youtube. Below we at TINA Magazine will be showing you top African YouTubers with the biggest channels as of 2018. This is a list made showing mostly top African YouTubers based in Africa. You can click on their Names below to explore each of their channels.

Top African Youtubers With Most Popular Youtube Channels

The below list features Africa’s biggest youtubers and their channels as of June 2018:

Mark Angel Comedy – Nigeria

Mark Angel comedy youtube channel is the biggest and most subscribed channel in Africa, Comedy is huge on YouTube most especially in Africa, and there’s a young Nigerian comedienne who is taking the platform by storm. Six year old Emmanuella is the star of Mark Angel Comedy– one of Nigeria’s top-ranked YouTube users, with over two million subscribers and views regularly exceeding 5 million.

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Sisi Yemmie – Nigeria

She is the second most popular female YouTuber in Nigeria, Sisi Yemmie has one of the most stunning YouTube contents in Nigeria. From clean camera work to a brilliant production, she is mostly a food/recipes vlogger, Sisi Yemmie’s page will grow on you in no time.

Kangai Mwiti – Kenya

At the time of writing Kangai has over 104,000 YouTube followers. Kangai Mwiti is the ultimate blogger when it comes to beauty and makeup. Winner of the Makeup Fashion Category at the first-ever YouTube Awards in 2016, Kangai started the blog four years ago to showcase her work and now boasts having as many as 3 million views.

Grace Ajilore – Nigeria

Grace Ajilore is a designer, Vlogger and online personality who is widely known for her advice and chit chat vlogs on her eponymous YouTube channel. She has amassed over 80,000 subscribers for her videos.

She is also known as alwaysstayingracious on Instagram, where she has racked up over 160,000 followers.

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Dont Jealous Me – Nigeria

Tolulope Ogunmefun, Also known as T- Boy, started out his YouTube Channel after a random clip with his university friends went viral on Facebook. What started as a comical burst in front of a phone camera, soon extended into a variety of web content that has earned T-Boy a BAFFTA Award and more than 30 million views on YouTube, becoming a force in the African YouTube space. T-Boy, whose fame also granted him a performance at Harvard University in 2011, recently got married and attributes hard work, dedication, and his faith as keys to his success.

Theodora Lee – South Africa

Theodora Lee’s videos are halfway between light-hearted and serious. Using her life experiences as an entry point, she reflects and give tips on issues such as mental illness, dating, beauty and health. If you would like to get into the head of a young South African trying to make sense of the world around her, while getting your funny bone tickled, Theo is your girl.

Twyse Ereme – Nigeria

Twyse Ereme is a popular Nigerian comedian, actor, rapper, instagram star and all round entertainer. He does basically everything listed above on his Youtube channel. Which at the time of writing his subscribers stands close to 70k YouTube subscribers.

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Chidinma Umeh – Nigeria

Chidinma is a Nigerian beauty/fashion youtuber, she vlogs about make-up, fashion and more she is Currently at 195 thousand subscribers on Youtube, millions of people have sought beauty advice from Dimma Ummeh through her tutorials on YouTube

Wode Maya – Ghana

He is a Ghanaian who studies in china he started his career by uploading videos about his stay and experiences in China. Currently close to 70k subscribers on Youtube, he has been doing fine. read his personal YouTube bio description below.

“I’m Mr Maya currently residing in China.My Channel is all about Daily experiences of foreigners Living in China and also build a cross-cultural understanding between China and the rest of the world.Support the WODE MAYA train by subscribing to this Channel..”

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