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Get Stogie T – God’s Eye (Song & Lyrics)

From the SA Hip Hop scene we’ve got a new one Stogie T – God’s Eye.

The Veteran rapper Stogie T released a 15 minute long record titled God’s Eye which addresses a lot of issues from Black Life Matter to depression among other issues. The15 minute long record is basically an EP from Stogie T.

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Stogie T God’s Eye Lyrics

Stogie T
Eh you have to settle down mehn
You got a lot to get through with alright?
After this mehn you have to decide
You know? I draw the line
Make a decision where you stand

Verse 1:
Somewhere in the world
Some ni**a are making a mean face
While I’m making a mean wasting time
You could have dream chase it
Wasn’t here ?
Now you wanna Meek Drake
? bread but wanna eat cake
Its bad enough people battle in poverty rate
Passed down like 4 by 1 a hundred meters relay
So that still the summer
? stomach crab in the bucket with a cash in it
? others laughing at the accomplishment that you can;t ?
Blood sucker, uncle ? watching this ? and have your blood pressure bubble up

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Mehn f**k up
You don’t like flavour up
Get a job, siut your self ?
You hear him char along dragging people to babble ?
Back like I’m against the wall where you headed from
I read a blog
Part of the church ? to unbalance the source and make
You not ? to think a ni**a done for selling spike ?

Boss up ? the Jordan up, stand up like a lobster, pushing Jordan to the ?
Showing off cause they want you to fail
How can I hate what I created
Just hope you ?
Its really awesome
I’m happy for your small run
You turn targets 16s to a 4 by 4
Its usually embarrassing to witness the pure ? arrogance
And I was ? from a different school and graduate
If you don’t see the ? thats the view from where I’m standing
So that you have it

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You know the time for connection in Libya is one of the critical stops for refuges and migrants feeling, war ? regimes in their home countries problems, their hope is to survive ? and enter Europe and find a better life. Since 2014, the ? have been welcomed, receiving half a million migrants and refugees but that started for a change.

Verse 2:
When kind run out of grace
Kingdom went up in flames
When killing go customary
Your king ? for safe
You don’t know it but the story ? the same
Mostly young and afraid
Rolling across the street ? Spain
They try to ship you back ?
But Red Cross lady knows that’s still the ? masked is the trauma that is ? than rape
The bottle rage is causing ?
There is no funeral without a grave
There is no conclusion to a ?

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Lost in their unfamiliar world without family
If she wanna sound ungrateful for life
But sometimes she wonder if death is painful as to life
And Survival like the most ill fated
Few goals you left your prospects behind
If you know what’s best forget what you left behind
Keep the visit a say when they phone to visit your mom


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