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Tourists: Factors To Consider While Planning a Vacation This Easter

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TINA Magazine is featuring the ace writer Ann Esievoadje in the tourism section. Here she talk about how to have a perfect vacation. And of course for the Easter holiday explorers mostly. Ya’ll should checkout the article below.

A lot of people want to experience a new environment now and then. But when they are faced with vacation packages or possible locations for tourism, they lose steam. Why? Because they have not identified what makes a tour experience unique to them. This is why going to Zanzibar with relaxing picturesque beaches would be great for some and a bore for others who would rather spend time in Kenya visiting the conservation centers.
To identify what combinations of activities will make any suggested location fun to visit, start by asking yourself this question, Are you a:

  1. Nature and wildlife enthusiast – Some people are fascinated by eco-tourism. Anyone who falls into this category would naturally be interested in a package that involves visiting zoos, botanical gardens, caves, conservation centers like Lekki conservation center in Lagos, waterfalls, Game reserves, lakes, and places with geographical anomalies. The activities this enthusiast will be attracted to are elements like boating, hiking, canopy walks, deep sea diving, outdoor camping, bird watching, etc.
  1. Adventure junkie – Adventurers are usually thrill seekers. They want to go to uncharted territories and do fun activities. Adventurers are a combination of nature enthusiasts and fun freaks. They gravitate towards dune riding, city tours, horseback or camel riding, scuba diving, skydiving, river rafting, helicopter rides, rock climbing, or visiting a village known for a unique art or culture like the Nok village in Kaduna. They are also known for being adventurous with food and are willing to try a new cuisine wherever they go.These tourists like to live on the edge, and as long as the trip provides a risk or danger factor, they’ll hop on.
  1. Fun freak – These are thrill seekers who do not care where they go as long as they can have fun. Be it belly dancing, go-cart racing, clubbing, partying on the beach, burn fire night, visiting Malls/shopping centers, karaoke, water sports, biking riding, and other similar activities like the adventurers. They usually want their trip to have swimming pools, beaches, a Nightclub or local joint visitation, a visit to any recreational center, amusement park like Magic land park in Abuja. Sometimes, they enjoy participating in cultural activities like festivals or learning new dances from other cultures. As long as the activity is fun, they are on board.
  1. Historical guru – These culture tourists love any place with profound historical relevance. Even if it is to learn about diverse cultures or see ancient landmarks, the trip would have been well worth it. They are usually drawn to seeing old mosques/cathedral buildings, monoliths, art and culture museums, a palace, space museums, city book fairs, annual festivals, souks, monuments like the Emotan statue in Benin city, or a town with period design, among other attractions. Most times, these gurus already know about the location, but they just want to see it for themselves. They can be valuable tour-guide assistants on a group trip.
  1. Leisure Lover – True lovers or relaxation always want to be in a quiet environment that allows them to lay back unburdened by the cares of this life. They tend to be more focused on the type of indoor features the hotels or leave-in accommodations have. They like cruises, private beaches or lakeside resorts with buffet options, spa, sauna, and gym. They also enjoy visits to theatres or art galleries, a soak in a Jacuzzi or Warm springs like Ikogosi in Ekiti State or Wikki springs in Bauchi state. Train rides to other locations are not excluded. Also, they like attending book readings, watch sporting events, among other things. The point is not to have an overly scheduled itinerary during the vacation, so there is time to relax and immerse yourself in the environment.
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What most tour guides do is create packages that can cater to the different needs of their customers. For people who would rather have a solitary experience based on the above options, make arrangements for a private tour.

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