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10 Practical Tips For Making A Great Travel Video


If you are a traveler who makes a living out of travel videos, we have a great set of tips for you to make your content outshine amongst the rest. An endless number of travel videos are posted online on platforms like YouTube and Instagram daily, each being better than the other. Therefore, it becomes even more challenging for you to create something extraordinary and unique to attract more viewers. Indeed, many video-making and editing tools can help you achieve what you want, but if you have some travel video-making tips and tricks by your side, this job can become comparatively easy to do. 


Keeping the same in mind, today’s post is about those special tips that can offer a turning point to your travel video channel and engage a large audience base. So, if you wish to know all about these tips, keep reading ahead!


  1. Type of travel videos


At the onset, you need to know what kind of travel video you want to make. Travel videos can be in different formats such as vlog, itinerary-based, site tour, adventure-based, etc. Therefore, depending on your interest and passion, make video content that requires you to put in less effort and still bring out the best. Additionally, it is essential to know what your audience wants. Do they prefer more explanatory videos or inspirational content? Based on your viewer’s needs, create the videos accordingly. 


  1. Camera and other shooting gears


Whenever you are shooting any video, your camera and other gear must be easy and comfortable to use. So it is because while shooting a travel video, you might need to move on different terrains, go up and down the hill, and so on. Therefore, your camera must offer you all the freedom to let you capture moments with ease. 

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When shooting with the DSLR, you must:


  • Carry a gorilla pod
  • Opt for just two lenses
  • Carry an equipment bag for device safety


While shooting with your phone, you must:


  • Focus on video quality and effects


  1. Internet platform


Choosing the right platform to post your travel video is an imperative thing to do. Different platforms have different specifications and requirements; therefore, you must know what you need while posting your video on a specific platform. For the same, you can opt for a video editor packed with a range of features and effects to help you meet the desired requirements.


  1. Make a wise music choice


Selecting the right music track for your travel video is necessary. Music adds life and edge to your video content, so never miss it. Depending on your travel video story, go for a complementing audio track. You can add music to video online by using any top-listed video editor that provides endless editing options per your theme choice.


  1. Length of video clips


If you have ever posted a video before on any social media platform, you must have noticed that people look forward to short and sweet content. Therefore, keeping your viewers interest in mind, create the desired length video so that they don’t get bored and navigate away without seeing the whole of it. 

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  1. Perfect lighting


Lightning makes the most out of your videos and photos. A lack of proper lighting can ruin your clips by adding dullness and darkening. Therefore, you must always ensure an adequate lightning environment to make a great travel video. The best is to always watch for the natural light while keeping track of the right timing. Besides, consider shooting according to the sun positioning, especially when the sun is low in the sky.


  1. Take smooth and steady shots


You don’t want your videos to be shaky; therefore, you must maintain a steady hand. You can choose modern technology to shoot stable shots or practice walking smoothly to capture the tricky shots. Many prefer to use a tripod and other such settings. Likewise, you can also find a prop that can offer you comfort while shooting.


  1. Do your homework


Many travel videos are filled with fluff and repeated sentences but do you as a viewer enjoy it? If your answer is no, then you also need to be careful with it. So to keep your video fluff-free, you must be well prepared with all the aspects and information about the place in mind. Avoid praising too much about the place and focus more on details required by your viewers. Additionally, provide only the data and statistics you are sure about, never leave your viewers with incomplete or incorrect information. Lastly, focus more on the places you visit rather than on yourself and other factors that can spoil your viewer’s interest in watching.

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  1. Watch lots of travel videos


Before you make your video, consider watching travel videos posted by other travelers. The idea here is to know about different shots and perspectives, which can be best learned from existing examples and recordings of other travelers. Watching many travel videos also tells you a lot about filmmaking, formats, and styles.


  1. Camera settings


You don’t want to miss the best shot for your video just because your camera settings were not correct. Therefore, always make sure to check for the same to prevent last moment headaches. Before directly shooting the video clip, experiment with the settings to determine which works best for you. Plus, keep away from settings that can negatively impact the footage and consistency. 




Making a travel video might seem easy, but all your effort will go in vain if you avoid some essential practices. To keep your travel story lively and engaging, you must comprehend the above-given tips. These tips are listed based on in-depth research while keeping some terrible filming disasters in mind. We hope you will be able to create impressive travel videos for your followers every single time with these tips.


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